Hidden Colors 4

Hidden Colors 4:The Religion Of White Supremacy is the fourth installment of the groundbreaking documentary series  that teaches about the untold history of people of color, “Hidden Colors  1 , 2 and 3”. For this installment of the Hidden Colors series, King Flex Entertainment is going around the country interviewing leading scholars and historians discussing topics such as:

*Global Racism *Racism in Religion *Omitted History *Financial Warfare *Health and Racism *Solutions

The first three installments of the Hidden Colors documentary series are shown and taught in schools and universities all around the world. And we want to maintain the cultural momentum that this film series has made. [More]


Tariq Nasheed is a New York Times best selling author, radio host, who has several top selling books under his belt. Tariq is also a television personality and social commentator who talks about social history and the psychology of dating.