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Black Labor, White Wealth: The Search for Power and Economic Justice
Dr. Anderson’s first book is a classic. It tracks slavery and Jim Crow public policies that used black labor to construct a superpower nation. It details how black people were socially engineered into the lowest level of a real life Monopoly game, which they are neither playing or winning. Black Labor is a comprehensive analysis of the issues of race. [More]


PowerNomics® is also a new concept, developed by Dr. Anderson, to examine race and to explain it to those who seek truth, from an unvarnished historical perspective. Race is a difficult issue to examine and usually invokes political correctness, emotion and personal anecdotes. PowerNomics is factual and based on an analysis of history. In PowerNomics, Dr. Anderson teaches how to practice capitalism in our society that is based on capitalism. He offers Black America specific principles, strategies and activities to use to own and control resources, to produce group wealth, become more self-sufficient and economically competitive, to change behavior and to establish systems of accountability. Dr. Anderson’s books, DVDs, CDs and lectures are totally unlike any other books you have ever read. You will not be the same after you read them. He makes the history of the United States come alive.
About the Author

Dr. Claud Anderson is a successful author who has popularized Black history and is widely recognized as one of America’s most influential intellectuals. He has drawn the nation’s attention to the issue of race and the advantages of redeveloping and industrializing black communities. Dr. Anderson has a broad and varied base of experiences spanning education, business, national and state politics and successful economic and social reform. Dr. Anderson is currently president of the Harvest Institute, a black think tank. Appointed by President Jimmy Carter to head the Coastal Plains Regional Commission, Dr. Anderson funded and directed economic development activities for governors in the Southeastern states. He was executive director for two economic development corporations in Miami, Florida. As special assistant to the 1988 Democratic Convention, he awarded 37% of the contracts to blacks, a record that has not been reached or broken. During integration, he served as State Coordinator of Education of the state of Florida under Governor Reubin Askew.Dr. Anderson has developed the concept of PowerNomics, a set of social-political and economic strategies based upon his analysis of the race problem as described in Black Labor. PowerNomics is designed as a solution to the nation’s race problems and to help make Black America more self-sufficient and competitive as a group. He is also involved in several projects to redevelop inner cities according to PowerNomics strategies.

Black Freedmen Indian Treaty of 1866 – The Michael Imhotep Show

  • How to play the game of Politics to win. To learn about Dr. Claud and The Black Freedmen Indian Treaty of 1866 please visit “The Black Freedmen Indian Treaty of 1866” was supposed to give REPARATIONS to African Americans and put us into a protected class like Native Americans.
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11 Fast Reads You’ll Only Need A Day To Finish

11 Fast Reads You’ll Only Need A Day To Finish

11 Fast Reads You'll Only Need A Day To Finish
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Let’s Read a Banned Book!

Eleventh Stack

BBW14_300x250_2 Artwork courtesy of the American Library Association.

One of the books that has appeared on the Top 10 list of banned books, compiled by the American Library Association, for each of the last 5 years is The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie. This is a young adult novel (as so many of the books on these lists are) about a teenage Native American boy who chooses to attend school outside his home on the reservation. This decision leaves Junior, or Arnold as he’s called off the reservation, shunned by his people, as well as trying to fit in and on the outskirts of his new community. It is an honest portrayal of his life in high school – girls, bullies, fights, sports, and parents. Junior must learn to cope with a lot of loss in his family and embrace what’s good in his life.

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Hundreds of books have been either removed or challenged in schools and libraries in the United States every year. According to the American Library Association (ALA), there were at least 464 in 2012.


ALA estimates that 70 to 80 percent are never reported.

Banned Books that Shaped America
Frequently Challenged Books

Are you looking for a way to celebrate your freedom to read during Banned Books Week? Consider participating in the Banned Books Virtual Read-out!

Readers’ Advisory

Recommended Reading”


Brainwashed: Challenging the Myth of Black Inferiority
“Black people are not dark-skinned white people,” says advertising visionary Tom Burrell.


Sister Citizen: Shame, Stereotypes, and Black Women in America
Understand more deeply black women’s political and emotional responses to pervasive negative race and gender images.

National Book Award Fiction Longlist Announced



The National Book Award Foundation announced their Fiction Longlist last night. It’s an exciting list! We were happy to see many staff favorites recognized.


Thunderstruck by Elizabeth McCracken
We have signed First Editions Available!

Elizabeth McCracken is one of our own! An Austinite, she holds the James A. Michener Chair in Fiction at the University of Texas and the Associate Director for UT’s New Writers Project. We hosted a big ol’ event to help her launch Thunderstruck. This is the second time she’s been up for a National Book Award; her previous novel, The Giant’s House, was also a finalist for the award.

Julie thoroughly enjoyed this collection: “McCracken explores the unexpected avenues of loss in this absorbing new collection. What I love about McCracken is knowing that the characters I meet on her pages will never be typical. I come again and again to the little girl dressed as Patrick…

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